How will AI and machine learning influence us?

AI is a vast and evolving topic – for this webinar we concentrated on where we already see it being used in the image industry.

We started with an overview of AI in relation to our industry, followed by an introduction to practical AI uses and tools already available, and concluded with a Q&A.

Specifically we looked at:

  • training visual AI programmes using machine learning and copyright protection;
  • the role of synthetic content vs traditional content, touching on human creativity and editorial integrity;
  • opportunities for picture agencies and clients, including improving image search, AI licensing and income generation.


Paul ReinitzPaul Reinitz, Director, Legal Advocacy and Operations Counsel, Getty Images

Paul leads the strategic oversight of Getty Images’ global advocacy strategy as well as managing the company’s legal operations. He advises Getty Images on a variety of legal issues including Copyright, rights of publicity and privacy. His work involves advocating for responsible and ethical innovation in the areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning including studying the interaction between computers, the creative process and Copyright. Paul and Getty Images are interested in exploring how visual data can be used in AI/ML and in developing standards for protecting IP and other third-party rights. Paul is active is various industry organizations and serves as the chair of the Digital Medial Licensing Association’s legal committee.

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Appu ShajiAppu Shaji, CEO & Chief Scientist, Mobius Labs

Appu has over 18 years experience in Computer Vision and AI. He has started 3 companies, and founded Mobius Labs in 2018, with the goal of taking computer vision to every application. He previously headed AI teams at EyeEm, and has also co-authored highly cited academic publications.

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When: Thursday 15 July at 16:30 BST

Where: Zoom

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mobius labs logoMobius Labs created a new generation of AI-powered computer vision that is disrupting how the world works with visual content. It is not just computer vision anymore, it’s Superhuman Vision™. We make it easy to add advanced computer vision models to any application, device or process.

Our technology analyses any visual data without the need of AI-experts or a huge volume of training data. It runs locally on edge devices requiring little processing power and storage, and is delivered as an SDK, ensuring your data stays where it belongs.

To learn more about Superhuman Vision by Mobius Labs visit our website, follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.