BAPLA copyright webinars

This summer BAPLA are hosting a series of seven interactive copyright webinars by Anna Skurczynska, Founder Director of Open Plan Law. The copyright webinars offer a unique opportunity to develop your professional knowledge of this important subject area. You’ll be learning from an expert in legal issues affecting the photography sector and will be able to ask her questions.

Anna Skurczynska has a broad practice across all areas of Intellectual Property (IP) but with a particular focus on digital copyright, branding, database rights, privacy and data protection, and media law. She advises clients from start-ups to multi-national corporations on exploitation and protection of intellectual property assets. In addition to her legal practice, Anna lectures on Media Law and Ethics at the University of the Arts.

"I have worked alongside Anna Skurczynska for many years. On copyright Anna is a fountain of knowledge and expertise, and I can't wait to learn more from her on the subject.

"Her previous experience working in the industry for a notable photo agency, and having represented a broad spectrum of creative clients, means she knows how to make it relevant to us.

"Additionally, Anna explains the intricacies relating to copyright with proficiency and humour. This is a golden opportunity not to be missed."

Isabelle Doran, Head of Policy and Public Affairs, BAPLA

Copyright webinars summer 2020

Tickets are £10 members / £15 non-members per seminar. Booking is open for all remaining sessions.


Protecting the seeing
Murky origins of copyright for visual works and even murkier issues around originality
26 May

Copyright ownership and how to deal with it
Protecting copyright ownership boils down to one point: use it or lose it.

16 June

Is there such a thing as too much copying?
Copyright infringement revolves around the concept of “substantial taking”. What is it?
30 June

The balancing act
Exceptions to copyright
14 July

Fair Use vs Fair Dealing
Deep dive into exceptions
28 July

All publicity is good publicity?
Rights in relation to things depicted in photographs
1 September

Where is copyright going?
Copyright in the new normal
29 September

Anna Skurczynska
Anna Skurczynska

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