BAPLA FOCUS 2015 Highlights

FOCUS: Who owns the future?, the second BAPLA FOCUS workshop of 2015 took place at the Wellcome Trust on 1 October.

Commenting on the day, BAPLA chair Isabelle Doran, said: “Once again the sellout FOCUS event was a huge success, bringing the latest debates and information to members and picture buyers, whilst providing a unique opportunity to connect and discuss relevant issues that influence and transform our industry.

It is quickly becoming an important date in the calendar year.”

The Future Licensing Trends panel saw a lively and constructive discussion around the subject of are we heading towards a one-size-fits-all solution?

The panel of  the Numbers Game discussed if having the most images was still important with the vast quantity of images in the online space.

During the Media Buyers Panel five experienced media researchers provided a useful insight into the changing role of the picture researcher.

At the Future Technology Trends session topics ranged from crowdsourcing news, embed codes in photos to reach new audiences, to resolving the online conundrum of tracing licensors by using image identifiers.

The day concluded after the AGM for BAPLA members and a Social Media legal presentation for non-members with BAPLA’s 40th anniversary party.

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Picture credit: Media Buyers Panel at BAPLA FOCUS 2015 © Paul Seheult / Eye Ubiquitous