Exploring the AI Revolution: Impacts and Innovations in the Image Sector

We are thrilled to announce that BAPLA FOCUS 2023 will return to an in-person format this year, graciously hosted by Iconic Images at their flagship gallery in Piccadilly, London. This year's edition will be a half-day event taking place on Thursday September 28 and running from 10 AM to 2 PM. The schedule offers an engaging program, and participants can enjoy refreshments and a light lunch during the day.

Amidst the rapid and constantly evolving developments in the world of AI, it is imperative that our industry stays abreast of changes that can impact our business, content and ways of working.

The 2023 FOCUS programme will centre on AI and delve into various aspects of this transformative technology. In the context of the image industry, AI plays a pivotal role in facilitating collaborations with tech companies and enhancing content accessibility, thereby fostering business growth opportunities. However, it is of paramount importance that such endeavours are accompanied by the implementation of strategies to safeguard our intellectual property.

This year's event will offer engaging panel discussions and insightful presentation by experts in the field. These speakers will provide valuable perspectives on the intricate landscape of generative AI.

Our programme will explore AI from various angles, encompassing legal, intellectual property, policy and ethical considerations. Additionally we will highlight the positive dimensions of AI, spotlighting how agencies and businesses harness this technology to elevate their operations.

The discussions will examine recent updates and ongoing debates covering copyright challenges tied to AI-generated images; text and data mining; potential risks to diversity and inclusivity and inherent biases within AI applications.

Join us at Iconic Images stunning venue in the heart of London's West End to gain insights from licensors, content creators and legal experts. Discover the ways in which AI can both elevate and present challenges, surrounded by the celebrated works of world-renowned photographers.

Iconic Images owns or represents many of the world’s most renowned photographers, selling fine-art, limited edition prints, creating international touring exhibitions, consigning fine art prints and books to more than 30 galleries worldwide, publishing high-end books and resourcing luxury fashion brand collaborations and editorial image licensing to the world’s leading newspapers, magazines and documentary production companies.

Our archives contain historic and iconic images from the frontline of fashion, rock, film, politics and royalty by photographers who were pioneers in their field. The archive includes one of the world’s largest collections of David Bowie and Elton John, Marilyn Monroe, Jimi Hendrix, Audrey Hepburn, Frank Sinatra, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. It covers the universe of fashion photography from the late 1930s to modern day as well as the world of politics from Winston Churchill and John F. Kennedy to Nelson Mandela.

Image credit: © Iconic Images

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Event Programme

Thursday 28 September, 10 am - 2 pm

Registration: 9:30 am

Panel discussion: 10:00 am

Guiding Policies on Generative AI: Prioritising Legal, Ethical and Inclusive Perspectives

Anna Skurczyńska, Corky Balch, Dr Ali Hossaini

Presentation: 11:00 am

Iconic Images

Carrie Kania

Presentation: 11:15 am

The Role of AI in Enhancing Keywording and Metadata Processes

Clemency Wright

Presentation: 11:30 am

Getty Images: The impact of AI on Visual Storytelling

Jaqueline Bourke

Presentation: 11:50 am


Nick Caw

Lunch: 12:10 pm

Panel discussion: 1:00 pm

Navigating the AI Advantage: Transformative Applications for Agencies, Businesses and Content Creators

Boris Eldagsen, Vered Horesh, James Allsworth, chaired by Andrea Stern

End: 2:00 pm

Informal networking session: 2:30 pm onwards at:

Horse & Guardsman

16-18 Whitehall, London SW1A 2DY

Join us as leading legal and industry experts discuss how we navigate legal, ethical, inclusive and transformative applications of generative AI. Our line-up of speakers include: Anna Skurczyńska (Founder and Director, Open Plan Law); Corky Balch (BAPLA Board Intellectual Property Consultant); Dr Ali Hossaini, Kings College London; James Allsworth, Head of Content at Alamy; Boris Eldagasen, 2023 Sony Photography Award Winner; Vered Horesh, Chief Strategic AI Partnerships at Bria.ai and Andrea Stern, ASA Ltd.

Additionally, figures from our industry will deliver presentations providing exciting insights into recent collaborations and shed light on how agencies can leverage the positive dimensions of AI technology to enhance their operations. These include Jacqueline Bourke, Director of Creative Insights for EMEA, Getty Images; Carrie Kania, Creative Director, Iconic Images; Nick Caw, CEO Capture Ltd; Clemency Wright, Clemency Wright Consulting.

Following the conference we will be holding an informal networking session at the Horse & Guardsman venue at 16-18 Whitehall, London, SW1A 2DY, conveniently located just a short walk from Iconic Images Gallery. The space will provide an opportunity for attendees to further engage in discussions and socialise in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.


Anna Skurczyńska, Founder Director, Open Plan Law 

Anna Skurczyńska has a broad practice across all areas of Intellectual Property (IP) but with a particular focus on digital copyright and data law. She advises clients from start-ups to multi-national corporations on exploitation and protection of intellectual property assets. In addition to her legal practice, Anna lectures on Media Law and Ethics at the University of the Arts.

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About Open Plan Law

Open Plan Law advises a wide range of clients in the technology, media, visual arts, fashion and retail sectors. We pride ourselves on our expertise in intellectual property, and we also offer broad commercial law advice through a partner network.

As our firm’s name suggests, we work with our clients in the spirit of collaboration. We invest into getting to know their businesses and combine top class client care with commercial pragmatism.

BAPLA members receive the first consultation free of charge, and a 10% discount on our fees.


Corky Balch, BAPLA Board Intellectual Property Consultant

Corky is an independent Intellectual Property consultant, specialising in copyright licensing and third-party rights, with particular expertise around archive photo and film content, sports and music rights, and personality clearances.  He has over twenty-five years experience in the broadcast, commercial and corporate industries’ exploitation of copyright, from the point of view of both licensor and licensee. 

Corky is also a writer, development producer, and educator, and a keen photographer. 


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Jacqueline Bourke, Director of Creative Insights for EMEA, Getty Images

As Director of Creative Insights for EMEA at Getty Images & iStock, Jacqueline heads up a team of researchers and works with an international team of videographers, photographers, illustrators, data analysts, and curators.

The Creative Insights team review worldwide communications and analyse social, cultural and technological data. Combined with Getty Images’ invaluable access to customer buying patterns, the team’s work helps identify and shape visual trends that better connect customers to brands under Getty Images’ VisualGPS offering.

Jacqueline has a unique insight into how images work in innovative communications, and the key factors in choosing powerful imagery for compelling campaigns. Her expertise covers a wide range of fields such as advertising, cinema, social networks and press.

A former Director of Art and Photography, Jacqueline is a media communications graduate with 20 years’ experience working in academia, advertising and media.

Boris Eldagsen

Boris Eldagsen (*1970) studied fine arts at art academies in Mainz, Prague and Hyderabad and philosophy at the universities of Cologne and Mainz.

His background as a university lecturer, photo artist and digital media freelancer makes him one of the AI experts in the German photo scene.

He is "Head of Digital" of the DFA and a member of the DGPh.

In April 2023, he turned down the Sony World Photography Awards (Open Category /Creative) and admitted that he had applied with an AI-generated image to initiate a debate about the relationship between AI-generated images and photography. The stunt became worldwide news and his image THE ELECTRICIAN one of the most famous of the year.

Boris Eldagsen Photo and Video Art

Image credit: Boris Eldagsen ©Alex Schwander, courtesy of the artist

Andrea Stern , ASA Ltd, Visual Content Consultancy

After working in publishing in the UK and then founding her own image agency, ASAP in Israel,  Andrea returned to the UK in 2002 as  Director of Images and Rights at the Victoria and Albert Museum. There she reinvented the wheel for the museum, creating a vibrant, enterprising image library actively seeking commercial clients, working in a digital environment.

For the past 10 years Andrea has been a visual content consultant for both commercial enterprise and cultural and trade organisations, offering her experience and deep knowledge of the industry and extensive network to benefit clients growing their business and providing copyright training.  Andrea is also currently involved in the Global SinoPhoto Awards, an international photography contest aiming to encourage more cultural exchange and understanding between China and the UK.

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James Allsworth, Head of Content, Alamy

First joining the company in 2004, James is Head of Content at Alamy. Responsible for strategy, development and performance of the Alamy Content, Distribution and Infringement departments. This includes management of the global contributor base of 500k+ photographers and 700 agencies / archives. He has a strong interest in visual media and holds a degree in digital media and photography.

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Vered Horesh, Chief Strategic AI Partnerships, BRIA AI


With over 20 years in high-tech legal strategy, Adv. Vered has spent eighteen years as a partner in Israel's Big Law firm.

Her expertise has recently transitioned into crafting alliances for AI startups, enhancing both risk mitigation and defensibility in the field of generative AI.


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Carrie Kania, Creative Director Iconic Images

Carrie Kania is the Creative Director at Iconic Images, working with more than 40 different photographers and their archives and as an agent with C&W Agency, representing several writers. When her worlds collide, she edits books. Prior to London calling, she worked in bright lights, big city as a publisher in New York City. She has a dog named Foxy.

Carrie Kania is the Creative Director at Iconic Images, working with more than 40 different photographers and their archives and as an agent with C&W Agency, representing several writers. When her worlds collide, she edits books. Prior to London calling, she worked in bright lights, big city as a publisher in New York City. She has a dog named Foxy.

Image © Charles Moriarty


Clemency Wright, Clemency Wright Consulting 

Clemency Wright is a Keywording Consultant helping creative businesses optimise access and visibility to digital content online using strategic Keywording methodologies. Providing bespoke Keywording as an outsourced service, as well as Keywording training workshops and consultancy. Specialising in developing Controlled Vocabularies for creative photography and video, and developing Metadata schemas for in-house image databases and Digital Asset Management systems.

Clemency trained as a Keyworder at Getty Images in 2001, before becoming a Search Vocabulary Editor responsible for creating and editing Getty’s vocabulary of Keywords powering the customer website. In her customer-facing role at V&A Images, Clemency managed design and advertising customer accounts, and advised upon Keywording methodology for the V&A Images online collection.

Clemency blends Keywording expertise for both commercial and non-profit organisations. Clients include Save The Children, World Vision and The Art Fund, as well as stock photographers, videographers and photo licensing agencies.

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Image credit: ©Cameron Dowson


Nick Caw, CEO Capture Ltd

Nick Caw's has over 25 years of commercial experience in tech. In this time, he’s seen it all, from start-ups to Microsoft, and has held leadership positions across hosting, professional services and software companies. Nick has been Capture Ltd's Chief Executive Officer since 2019 leading on Capture's mission to continue providing world-class solutions to world-class clients.

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Dr Ali Hossaini, Kings College London

Dr Ali Hossaini works at the cutting edge of art, technology and science. His immersive video installation Ouroboros was acclaimed by the New York Times, which calls him “a biochemist turned philosopher turned television producer turned visual poet.” He is co-founder of National Gallery X, a founding partner of the UKRI Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Hub. He contributed to the IEEE 7000 and 7001 standards on AI governance. He recently explored the possible evolution of AI in three creative productions: The First, GROUPTHINK, and The AI Gallery at National Gallery X. In a special issue of RUSI Journal, four biologists respond to his essay Modelling the Threat from AI: Putting Agency on the Agenda.



Thursday 28 September 10 AM - 2 PM

Iconic Images Gallery

16 Waterloo Place, St. James's, London SW1Y 4AR, United Kingdom

Please arrive at 9:30 am as the event will start promptly at 10 am.

Tickets are limited, and capped at 100 attendees, so do book your place early to guarantee admission.

The BAPLA Board and team will be available after the event, until 5 pm for further informal discussions and engaging in a general meet and greet session. You will be able to join us at the Horse & Guardsman venue, a short walk from Iconic Images Gallery.

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