BAPLA have teamed up with Clemency Wright Consulting Ltd., to bring you a unique opportunity to sign up for Clemency Wright's in demand Keywording Course. An expert in keywording for all media and tagging consultant, Clemency's educational courses are normally only available through very select organisations or private consultation. We are delighted that Clemency has developed this bespoke course for BAPLA, at a significantly marked down rate. By signing up to this course you will receive an in-depth understanding of all aspects of the keywording process, through interactive learning at a fraction of the normal cost. We look forward to seeing you on the course.

Keywording Creative Content Course


This course puts Keywords into context and highlights the tools and mindset needed to Keyword optimise content for increased online visibility, search experience and sales.

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at anyone licensing, creating, managing or publishing digital media, either internally (within an organisation) or online (including websites and social media). The course applies to commercial, academic, non-profit and specialist collections alike. This course primarily looks at visual media (i.e., photography) and will resonate with those working in content management, sales, marketing and communications.


Visual communication is essential for businesses but creating images is not enough. We need a visual language to organise and maintain expanding collections of multimedia content. The more content is made, the harder it is to locate, and the more time and money is wasted searching but not finding. In this course you’ll learn from a leading Keywording Consultant about how to create and apply Keywords effectively. This course will take away the guesswork, providing an actionable strategy for you to put into practise immediately.

What you’ll learn 

You will acquire a broad understanding of what Keywording is, why it is important and how it is used. You will also learn about the key principles of Keywording and how to apply them. Beyond this, you will discover how to Keyword creative content using conceptual terms that can often leave you lost for words!


Course outline

  • Keywording Fundamentals (context and principles)
  • Keywording in Practise (case studies and examples)
  • Keywording Workshop (practical session including audience participation)

How you’ll learn

This course starts with an introduction to what Keywording is and why it is important in session one. This is put into the context of how Keywords are used today, as well as how they change over time. We will learn the “Keywording Fundamentals” of relevance, accuracy and consistency.

In session two, we’ll look at a series of case studies and examples from the field, to expand upon and consolidate the learnings from session one.

By session three, you will know how and why Keywording underpins a successful content management strategy, and you will be invited to apply your knowledge as part of a practical Workshop. You will have an opportunity to submit images from your organisation / collection in advance of the session, for us to use as an example. You will be asked to participate in a collective Keywording exercise with attendees from a variety of organisations. The aim is to create a diverse and inclusive environment within which we can all learn and share ideas for the benefit of everyone.

How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered in the form of a live PowerPoint presentation, including online examples from web and social media platforms. The format is designed to illustrate the Keywording process in an engaging and informative way. A PDF checklist will be provided upon completion of the course. There are also Keywording Exercises available for you to complete yourself. We will have time for questions at the end of each session.

Further Info

No prior knowledge is required, only an interest in Keywording and a desire to improve search for your users

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“I’m finding your course to be really inspiring … You do a wonderful job of providing purpose to keywording in the sense of using keywords to create and reinforce community among users and even reinforce common stories about the relevant subject matter and the organization as a whole”

“Please pass on my thanks to Clemency.  She was concise,  clear and great to listen to.  I’ve been in this industry for a long time, but definitely learned things that I’d not considered before. I will be sure to recommend Clemency’s excellent course”

“This series was informative and inspirational. I used to look at keywording as a boring chore, but this workshop inspired me to see how important it is! Clemency put DAM [Digital Asset Management] into a historical context, raising keywording and maintaining a DAM system to a higher level. Thank you!”

“Well prepared, very practical”

Clemency Wright Consulting Ltd.

Clemency Wright

Clemency Wright Consultancy LTD 


Clemency Wright is a Keywording Consultant helping creative businesses optimise access and visibility to digital content online using strategic Keywording methodologies. Providing bespoke Keywording as an outsourced service, as well as Keywording training workshops and consultancy. Specialising in developing Controlled Vocabularies for creative photography and video, and developing Metadata schemas for in-house image databases and Digital Asset Management systems.

Clemency trained as a Keyworder at Getty Images in 2001, before becoming a Search Vocabulary Editor responsible for creating and editing Getty’s vocabulary of Keywords powering the customer website. In her customer-facing role at V&A Images, Clemency managed design and advertising customer accounts, and advised upon Keywording methodology for the V&A Images online collection.

Clemency blends Keywording expertise for both commercial and non-profit organisations. Clients include Save The Children, World Vision and The Art Fund, as well as stock photographers, videographers and photo licensing agencies.

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Dates and Times

Module 1: Friday 20 January, 12PM to 1PM (BST)

Module 2: Friday 27 January, 12PM to 1PM (BST)

Module 3: Friday 3 February 12PM - 1:30PM (BST)

Where: Zoom

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Please note: This is a three-module course, and we recommend you attend all three sessions to get the most benefit and value. The sessions will be recorded for course attendees and shared post-event.