Information for BAPLA members and non-member agencies and suppliers

We’re delighted to bring you a new international networking event all under one virtual roof, taking place over two afternoons on Thursday 7 and Friday 8 October.

Start time: BST 13:45; CET 12:45; EDT 08:45; SGT 20:45

Day 1

will be specifically for agencies and suppliers, enabling you to hold business meetings and share your latest content and services with each other.

Day 2

will be a marketplace for agencies where you can meet with picture researchers, editors and buyers to showcase your latest services and offerings.

On both days we will be hosting opening keynote sessions and closing panel discussions on essential industry topics, with Breakout Rooms available for networking in between. Each day will end with a social, where we will invite you to share pictures of your experiences from the past year. We will also host a Wellness Workshop in the main room while breakout sessions are running, to enable participants to have a pause in between meetings.

With a virtual event there is no need to travel during a time of uncertainty, and not having to set up for a physical event lowers the cost. The event is open not only to those based in the UK, but also importantly those overseas, making it accessible to a broad range of industry colleagues across the globe. Attendance on both days is highly recommended to get the most out of this one-off opportunity.

Day 1 Keynote

In-Image Advertising: the future of income growth from online images

Generating income from image licensing is more challenging than ever. Average licensing fees continue to drop, image theft continues to be a problem, free image content is not going away, and we must adapt in order to survive.
But how? And if the money isn’t in licensing, where exactly is it?

SmartFrame’s image streaming technology provides unprecedented image protection, tracking and control, along with monetisation by way of in-image advertising. Streaming has already proven itself in the music and film industries among others, and by using this to safeguard images against theft, image owners, publishers and agencies can protect their rights and the values of these assets, while also tapping into the $455bn that’s spent on digital ads each year.

Our technology is already being used by almost 20,000 websites and we are currently working with some of the biggest names in the industry on this revolution. Image streaming is inevitable – and we’ll be explaining how you will profit from this.

Joel MillerSpeaker

Joel Miller is the Director of Sales for SmartFrame technologies, an image streaming technology company.

Joel has enjoyed a 30 year career in image licensing and monetization, copyright compliance, content creation, and image streaming technology sales. Previously leading sales teams at The Image Bank NY and Boston (later acquired by Getty Images), The Associated Press as Director of Wide World Photos (Now AP Images), and VP of Sales at both PicScout and ImageRights International, Joel now is working closely with Publishers and Photo Agencies to help protect, enhance, and monetize their image assets with a patented image streaming technology from SmartFrame.


Day 2 Keynote

Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI): re-thinking trust in what we see

How can we trust the content we see and experience every day? In the age of Deepfakes, NFTs and incredible AI-powered tools for creativity, knowing what is real requires not only new technologies but new ways of understanding digital trust signals.

Adobe’s Content Authenticity Initiative was founded to seek out ways to achieve a shared understanding of objective facts about media. In this talk, we’ll explore what has been accomplished so far and the future of authenticity on the Web.

Andy ParsonsSpeaker

Andy Parsons is the Director of Adobe’s Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI), which is creating the open technologies for a future of verifiably authentic content of all kinds. With collaborators across hardware, software, publishing and social platforms the CAI is empowering creators with secure provenance. For information consumers, this important work restores trust and transparency to the media they experience.

Throughout his career, Andy has worked to empower creative professionals with innovative technologies. Prior to joining Adobe Andy founded Workframe (acquired in 2019), the pioneering visual platform for commercial architecture. Andy previously served as Chief Technology Officer at McKinsey Academy, McKinsey’s groundbreaking educational platform and he co-founded Happify, the world’s leading mobile platform for digital therapeutics and behavioral health. He has enjoyed deep involvement over the years with the open-source ecosystem, recently as the organizer of the Clojure/NYC engineering community, which grew to several thousand members under his stewardship. Andy is a frequent speaker on topics including media provenance, engineering leadership and entrepreneurship.

Breakout Room bookings

For agencies and suppliers, we will be providing 50 bookable 90 mins Breakout Rooms on both days where you can host bespoke presentations or arrange meetings with agencies and clients. You will need to book a Breakout Room for each day.

Day Ticket bookings

Day tickets are free to all BAPLA members. Please note that you must book free Day Tickets in addition to Breakout Rooms, as you can only join the event through individual registrations. Overseas agencies must therefore also register free Day Tickets to join you in your Breakout Room. For UK-operating agencies and suppliers who aren’t BAPLA members, paid for Day Tickets are available.


BAPLA Connect will not be recorded - this is to encourage open and authentic comments from all of our speakers. Please bear this in mind when booking your ticket.

Joining BAPLA Connect

The event will take place via Zoom. Joining instructions will be emailed on Monday 4 October directly to everyone who registered for a ticket on Eventbrite.

All participants will receive a small joining pack with helpful information prior to the event about the programme itself, logging onto Zoom and Breakout Room attendance, a list of participating agencies and suppliers, sponsors, and finalised keynote speakers.


Sponsorship opportunities

If you are interested in sponsoring the event, we have a wide range of affordable options available. Please contact the BAPLA office and we will put you in touch with our sponsorship consultant Mary Egan.

Sponsored by

Capture Ltd provides digital asset management and media library systems and services. Specialising in media management, rights, licensing, metadata, finance and royalties, our configurable solutions and expert services help a range of organisations to manage, protect, license and elevate the value of images, video, documents, and all other digital content.

As well as software, Capture has a team of experts providing keywording services to enhance content discoverability, consultancy on matters relating to content and licensing, as well as dedicated resource to manage parts, or all, of your media library.

Capture has a strong reputation across a wide customer base, with a large footprint in the cultural and heritage sector, as well as other sectors covering publishing, sporting organisations, commercial image libraries and charities.

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About SmartFrame Technologies

Founded in 2015, SmartFrame Technologies is a London-based software provider whose aim is to redefine the digital image standard.

Its SmartFrame platform allows content owners and brands to protect their assets and present them in the best possible way, while also allowing publishers to source and embed high-quality images, and for everyone involved to generate new revenue streams by way of in-image advertising.