Alamy’s iPhone app Stockimo has been shortlisted as a finalist in prestigious MOMA awards

Alamy press release.
Rainbow back ©schaaldesignhouse / Stockimo / Alamy

Rainbow back ©schaaldesignhouse / Stockimo / Alamy

Alamy’s iPhone app Stockimo has been shortlisted as a finalist in prestigious MOMA awards – in the best mobile/tablet consumer facing app category.

  • Stockimo joins a shortlist of brand giants at 2015 MOMA awards including British Airways, Barclays and the NHS.
  • With the Stockimo app, iPhoneographers get the opportunity to sell their work through global, established stock photo marketplace Alamy.

Popular iPhone app Stockimo has been shortlisted as a finalist in The Drum’s MOMA awards for the Best Mobile/Tablet Consumer Facing App. Joining it on the shortlist are brand giants Barclays, British Airways, Santander, The Weather Channel and the NHS. Developed by award winning app developer Mubaloo, Stockimo was one of the first mobile apps to create a genuine opportunity for people to make money out of their mobile photography. In just over a year, the app has been downloaded by 18,000 users, and over 160,000 mobile images are now available online through Stockimo’s parent company Alamy, the world’s largest online stock photo agency.

With the Stockimo app, photographers get the opportunity to sell their work through an established marketplace with thousands of image buyers visiting every day. Alamy’s customers include news agencies, publishers, designers, advertising agencies and corporate marketing departments. Stockimo photos sell on Alamy for the same price as photos taken with professional camera equipment. The average sale price for Stockimo photos is $60 with some images selling for as much as $1000.

Mobile imagery is fast becoming a major part of the photography industry, with many photographers combining iPhonegraphy with their camera work. The app has generated a new breed of contributor, 75% of Stockimo photographers did not submit to Alamy before and 10% of those go on to submit regular camera imagery to Alamy.

Alan Capel, Alamy’s head of content, comments: “Stockimo has unleashed a wave of cool imagery that was previously lying dormant in the phones of the world’screatives. We are turning more and more talented individuals onto the commercial power of the images they create, some are then taking the next step and becoming ‘real’ photographers, others continue to master the art through their mobile photography. It’s a revolution and we are enjoying being at the forefront.”

Stockimo gives photographers the chance to monetise their mobile photos and allows talented hobbyists to cash in too. Marilyn Volana, a Stockimo photographer, says:  “I discovered Stockimo and everything changed for me. I am literally enthralled with iPhoneography! Being retired from the studio has allowed me to really spend my time with photography in a different light and renewed interest through iPhoneography. I tell everybody about Stockimo! I am thoroughly enjoying this and never knew photography could be so fun.

The submission process on Stockimo is different to the process on Alamy; images are judged on aesthetics as well as technical criteria and to date 50% of the images that are submitted have been accepted. The result of curating the Stockimo submissions means only the best imagery is accepted. Its contemporary, fresh style means it’s a success with Alamy customers: “The quality is amazing, it showcases of-the-moment photography that really works with the current style of advertising…and as there’s an increasing appetite for digital platforms the file size is more than adequate” said Rachel Wakefield, Head of Sales, Alamy.

From the outset the Stockimo app was designed with the users in mind. The app needed to be quick, easy and fun to use and offer mobile photographers a chance to make money from their photos. Working with Mubaloo, Alamy has delivered a brilliant app renowned for its great user interface – Stockimo has previously been a finalist in the lifestyle category at the 2014 Mobile Entertainment (ME) awards.