Ancient Art and Antiquities Photo Library Werner Forman Archive will be at Fotofringe London

Werner Forman Archive press release.

One of the world’s greatest treasuries of images of images of ancient art, architecture and antiquities will be exhibiting at Fotofringe in Central London on 20th April. Fotofringe has established itself as the major stock photography event of the year, where image users and suppliers can get together, network and do deals.

Werner Forman Archive was founded by Werner Forman (1921-2010) who spent his life travelling to find the greatest centres of past human culture and photographing monuments, artwork, landscape and people on every continent. He was the sole photographer and co-author of over 80 books, and contributed to many more publications, TV programmes, and advertisements.

Werner Forman Archive collage

The archive comprehensively covers subjects including Egypt, Nubia, Middle East, Rome, Celts, Vikings, Byzantium, the Islamic world, including the Moors, Scythians, Yemen, UAE, Africa, India, Japan, China, South-east Asia, Oceania, pre-Columbian America, Native Americans and Inuit.

The breadth and depth of this specialist collection is extraordinary, comprising photographs to illustrate world history, religions, mythology, explorations, and cultural encounters. Rare collections include masks, puppets, amulets, symbols, erotica, textiles, manuscripts, coins, Tantric art and oriental and primitive jewellery from museums and private collections throughout the world.

Barbara Heller, Director, Werner Forman Archive says, “We love coming to Fotofringe to meet our existing clients and talk to new ones. The library continues to expand as after our founder passed away, a large collection of images was discovered in his private collection. We have been steadily cataloguing these with the aid of academic researchers and they are being constantly added to the library.

The collection prides itself on comprehensive and accurate captions to images, which are provided by experts in the fields of archaeology, art and history.

Werner Forman Archive is a major treasury of images of ancient art, antiquities, culture and landscapes. They will be attending Fotofringe in London on 20th April. To contact them or book an appointment please email or come to table 24 in Battlebridge Room at Kings’ Place.

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