BAPLA Keywording Course with Clemency Wright

Image credit: ©Emma Dunham

BAPLA have teamed up with Clemency Wright to bring you a unique opportunity to sign up for Clemency Wright’s in demand Keywording Creative Content Course, delivered over 3 weeks.

This course puts Keywords into context and highlights the tools and mindset needed to Keyword optimise content for increased online visibility, search experience and sales.

This course is aimed at anyone licensing, creating, managing or publishing digital media, either internally (within an organisation) or online (including websites and social media). The course applies to commercial, academic, non-profit and specialist collections alike.

The course is delivered online over 3 weeks on Friday 20 January, Friday 27 January and Friday 3 February. We recommend you attend all sessions to get the most benefit from this fantastic course, which has been developed specifically with BAPLA in mind. You will receive an in-depth understanding of all aspects of the keywording process, through interactive learning at a fraction of the normal cost.

You can find out more information on the course outline here.

You can book your space on this course here.

Image credit Image credit: ©Emma Dunham