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Bridgeman Images Launches International Book Cover Awards 2023

Celebrating Global Creativity and Excellence in Book Cover Design – Call for Entries now Open

[December 2023] — Bridgeman Images, a renowned leader in art licensing, rights clearance, and artist management, is thrilled to announce the expansion of the Bridgeman Images Book Cover Awards into an international event involving all five of its global offices. This exciting development will give book cover designers a new global platform to showcase their creativity while also awarding the winners with a cash prize.

An International Celebration of Creativity

The Bridgeman Images Book Cover Awards, provide an unprecedented opportunity for book publishers and designers, irrespective of their scale, to showcase their creativity on a global stage. This initiative aims to amplify the diverse and rich tapestry of cultural and creative expressions in book cover design. With regional sub-categories and a worldwide digital People’s Pick, the awards celebrate creativity across genres and cultures, offering entrants a powerful platform to connect with a global audience.

Participation in these awards opens doors for book publishers and designers to not only showcase their work but also to gain recognition and visibility in an international context. The primary focus is on fostering a vibrant community where the talents of entrants shine.
Bridgeman Images is proud to provide a forum for creative minds in the book industry, recognising and celebrating their influence on the international book cover design scene. This initiative stands as a testament to our dedication to promoting artistic excellence and innovation, while placing the spotlight firmly on the creative brilliance of our entrants.

The Bridgeman Images Book Cover Awards have been a steadfast celebration of outstanding book cover design since 2018, showcasing works that have used our rich image library in the previous year. The 2022 edition achieved remarkable success in the US, providing the impetus for international expansion. Last year’s winners included Na Kim, awarded for her work on “The Book of Goose” by Yiyun Li, published by Farrar, Straus & Giroux; and Marina Drukman for her work on “Nihilistic Times” by Wendy Brown, published by Harvard University Press.


Design clients and/or publishers who licensed an image via Bridgeman Images for a Trade or Academic book cover, which has been published through 2023, are all eligible. Submissions should be directed to with a deadline of 31 December 2023. (*All clients who licensed an image for these purposes via Bridgeman Images will be automatically considered.)

The awards feature four distinct voting categories covering North America, Europe, the Rest of the World, and the democratic global People’s Pick. An expert judging panel is comprised of; Harriet Bridgeman (Founder, Bridgeman Images); Piers Russell-Cobb (Owner and Managing Director at MediaFund Limited); Rebecca Nuotio, (Head of Commercial Brand Development and Sales at the British Library), Claudia Zeff (Deputy Director at House of Illustration), and Ralph Steadman (Artist & Illustrator).

Public engagement is encouraged through a digital voting scheme for the People’s Pick category. The digital voting portal for the latter category will be launched on 18 January 2024; with a voting deadline of 25 January 2024. All shortlisted entries will be announced on 18 January 2024, with winners announced on 31 January 2024.

Awards and Prizes
Winners are to receive a monetary prize.

● Call for Entries: through 31 December 2023
● Shortlist Announcement/Voting: 18 January 2024
● Winners Announcement: 31 January 2024

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Further details, announcements and People’s Pick voting details will be made via the Bridgeman Images’ website, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

For media inquiries, please contact: Aleya Dwivedi,

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