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Reinvention will be the theme of this year's BAPLA FOCUS conference

How should individuals, agencies, media businesses and the picture industry be reinventing themselves to deal with new challenges in the commercial, copyright and creative landscapes?

This year’s programme

The EU Copyright Directive: the revitalisation of the online market, or an unnecessary harm

Will the new rules for online platforms provide new licensing opportunities to picture agencies and media owners? What changes will there be around using visual works which are out of copyright? Which elements of the Copyright Directive should we be pushing to be implemented in the UK?

The impact of the newly adopted Directive on the image sector will be discussed by an impressive panel of legal experts:

  • Jonathan Lockwood (VP, Corporate Counsel, Getty Images)
  • Anthony Misquitta (General Counsel, V&A)
  • Anna Skurczynska (Founder and Director, Open Plan Law)

Is editorial dead? Surviving in a digital world

  • Sara Rumens, Features Editor of The Times, will discuss her career to date from her years as Editorial Director at Magnum Photos to working in the field of editorial publishing, including Grazia and Conde Nast Traveller.

Skilling up in pictures: What are the key skills needed to work in pictures today

In a first for BAPLA FOCUS, we lead a participatory workshop to explore the changing skills needed in media research and licensing.

During break-out sessions, we’ll look at how to audit your skills and identify gaps, how to assess what is required in the marketplace and how to find the best training and resources.

We’ll answer these questions for all the key areas: media research, marketing, sales, communications, project management, technology and legal.

The workshop will be introduced by Media Researcher Sarah Wells and Jacqui Wald, Editorial Director, Camera Press.

Artificially intelligent pictures

As machine learning and artificial intelligence are being rolled out in live applications, we ask the experts for an overview of what is happening now and what we can expect for the future.

What are creatives, technologists and businesses already doing in this field, and where will the biggest future impacts be, in search and metadata, in image capture or elsewhere?

Sharing their insights into AI will be:

  • Benjamin Beavan, Senior Global Development Manager, Getty Images
  • Georgi Kadrev, Co-founder & CEO, Imagga.

Shooting foxes - the compassionate way!

Since 2000 Matthew Maran has travelled the world winning awards for his landscape and wildlife photography in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year, European Wildlife Photographer of the Year and the British Wildlife Photography Awards.

Matthew will talk about his work, focusing on a recent project on urban foxes.

Urban Red fox (Vulpes vulpes) walking past wall with red fox mural / graffiti . North London, England, UK, April.

Inspiration at work: the business of creativity

Creativity is at the heart of everything picture agencies and media businesses do. Our imagery and the stories we tell must inspire the world.

To achieve that we must in turn inspire our people, whether they are photographers, creatives or those working in support roles.

At the same time, communication channels proliferate, business structures change, and new tools change our working practices.

Discussing the business of creativity will be:

  • Emma Alexander Producer, Art Buyer and the Founder of the photography production company Mother Bran. Emma has been bringing creative ideas to life for over 16 years. Patrick McCrae, CEO of ARTIQ, the art consultancy bridging the gap between the art and business worlds and to promote fair pay for artists.
  • Patrick Towell a Media Executive and Entrepreneur who has worked with the arts, culture and heritage sectors almost all his adult life. In 2005 Patrick founded Golant Media Ventures, whose mission is to share innovations between the cultural, creative, digital and public sectors. In 2018 it merged with the enterprise subsidiary of The Audience Agency.

You can download a PDF of the programme here.



There will be plenty of opportunity to mingle with your picture industry colleagues over lunch, morning & afternoon breaks and at the end-of-day drinks.

FOCUS too will reinvent itself as it locates to a new more spacious and more comfortable venue in Canary Wharf.

Book now to join the most dynamic conference in the industry.


Monday 7 October 2019

Registration & refreshments from 9:30 – 10:00.

The programme starts at 10:00.

The event will end at 17:30 after a drinks reception.


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Picture credit: Mingling during a break at BAPLA FOCUS 2017 ©BAPLA