It’s plain sailing at the National Maritime Museum Picture Library with Capture

Discharging flour 1918, dazzle painted cargo vessel with reflection in calm water, and other vessels in the background PAH6916
Capture Ltd press release  – 8 June, 2017.

The National Maritime Museum Picture Library is on the crest of a wave after its best financial year ever – and is now proudly launching a fully-enabled e-commerce site that allows customers the option of purchasing and licensing images online.

The good news is the latest milestone in a long-term collaboration between the National Maritime Museum/Royal Museums Greenwich and technical company Capture Ltd – whose specialist areas include providing media management solutions and services for the cultural sector – that spans nearly 15 years.

The new service provides superior Digital Asset Management and e-commerce solution – and demonstrates the museum’s commitment to innovation that puts customers first, allowing more flexibility and convenience in licensing images to the UK and international markets.

Images are now readily available to purchase 24/7 from the picture library website and can be downloaded instantly. The website is updated regularly and has over 30,000 images available online at the touch of a button.

“As a UNESCO World Heritage site we aspire to reach international audiences. With our new e-commerce platform we are able to provide a worldwide 24/7 service. This allows us to explore new markets and provide the service levels our clients have come to expect. We aim to grow our business year on year and the new system provides us with the tools to achieve this. We look forward to working with Capture in the future!” said Tina Warner, Senior Manager Photo Studio and Image Sales

The website is designed specifically for picture researchers and buyers, and images are licensed on a rights managed basis. There are price discounts for orders of multiple images, and academic/non-commercial rates are also available. The library licences high resolution images from the National Maritime Museum’s collection, which includes the Royal Observatory Greenwich, The Queen’s House and Cutty Sark.

“We have loved working with the Royal Museums Greenwich team. They are always positive, flexible and business-focused and that has shown in the results they have achieved. We have all had to adapt to altering digital needs as the world rocked and rolled through the online revolution. But at Capture we simply do know what we are doing and have a highly-experienced team of 35 with a combined total of 250 years’ industry experience – and we are all so glad to be able to contribute to our clients’ successful journeys,” said Capture CEO, Abbie Enock.


About Royal Museums Greenwich Picture Library               

Royal Museums Greenwich Picture Library is the world’s greatest source of historical maritime images, with collections covering trade and empire, navigation, war and astronomy. Items in the collection include oil paintings, prints and drawings, maps and charts, scientific instruments, ship plans, historic photographs, manuscripts, ship models, antiquities and uniforms. For further information or help with our image collection please contact the picture library team at

About Capture Ltd

Capture is a leader in enterprise-grade media management systems and services that include instant content delivery from live events, rights, licensing, metadata, finance and royalties.  For more information please see or email

Discharging flour 1918, dazzle painted cargo vessel with reflection in calm water, and other vessels in the background (PAH6916) © The National Maritime Museum