Image Source 21 in 2021

Collage of lifestyle stock photos

This month, we celebrate our 21st birthday and while very proud of what we have accomplished these two past decades, we are even more excited about what we can achieve over the next twenty years and beyond.

Image Source was founded in May 2000, by Christina Vaughan, from the very beginning, a pioneer, not just as a Female led business but being image led, driven by excellence and embracing diversity in it all its forms as well as new trends and mediums.  Surviving recessions and pandemics, we are still here and ready to embrace a new era of stock and take you on this journey.

“We are delighted to be ‘coming of age’. 21 Years in business is a long time but the years have sped by as we love each new day and what it brings – great people, amazing images – first photography and now video – changes in staff, locations, styles – but there’s one constant – and it’s passion – it’s the glue that’s held us together over all these years – and will continue to do so for many more years to come.”

Christina Vaughan, Founder, Image Source

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Image Source newsletter – 19 May, 2021.
Picture credit ©Image Source