Tate Images Michael Andrews copyright representation

A Man who Suddenly Fell Over 1952; Michael Andrews 1928-1995; © The Estate of Michael Andrews; Photo: Tate

We are thrilled to announce that the estate of Michael Andrews RA have appointed Tate Images to exclusively administer and license the copyright for the entirety of his oeuvre. Michael Andrews is rightly regarded as one of Britain’s leading post war painters and is often linked with artists of the so called ‘School of London’,…

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The value of a Picture Researcher

a collection of analog cameras

by Erica Martin/The Photo Collective What’s the value of a picture researcher when you can use an offshore provider? Could the designer do it, or an editor? Using a professional Picture Researcher from your local network can access a number of advantages not just for the budget and schedule. An experienced Picture Researcher can reduce…

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Nature Picture Library supports Wiltshire Wildlife Trust’s work to restore the rare marsh fritillary

Marsh fritillary butterfly (Euphydryas aurinia) nectaring on a Meadow buttercup (Ranunculus acris) flower in a chalk grassland meadow, Wiltshire, UK, June.

The marsh fritillary was once a butterfly with a strong foothold in the British Isles. During the nineteenth century, it was even known to reach plague proportions, when fields would turn black with voracious caterpillars. But times change, and today the marsh fritillary is one of the most threatened butterfly species in the UK. Wiltshire…

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New artists and collections on Artimage

Beneath the Stains of Time, 2019, Rui Matsunaga © Rui Matsunaga. All Rights Reserved DACS/Artimage 2020; Untitled, 2018, Gideon Rubin © Gideon Rubin. All rights reserved, DACS/Artimage 2021. Photo: Richard Ivey; Terpsichore, 1989 from Zabat, Maud Sulter © Estate of Maud Sulter. All rights reserved, DACS/Artimage 2020. Image courtesy of Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow; Solid and Voids, 2020, Shezad Dawood © Shezad Dawood. All rights reserved, DACS/Artimage 2020. Image courtesy of New Art Exchange. Photo: Reece Straw

If you’re looking for a new image to complete your project, we have a constantly-updating selection of artists and collections. The artists and institutions who have joined Artimage so far this year include:  Gideon Rubin Rui Matsunaga Mariele Neudecker David Noonan Ashmolean Museum Oxford Matthew Lanyon Maud Sulter   Mary Webb Shezad Dawood Edward Piper Ben Johnson…

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Image Source 21 in 2021

Collage of lifestyle stock photos

This month, we celebrate our 21st birthday and while very proud of what we have accomplished these two past decades, we are even more excited about what we can achieve over the next twenty years and beyond. Image Source was founded in May 2000, by Christina Vaughan, from the very beginning, a pioneer, not just as a…

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New shoots from Nature Picture Library

collage of spring pictures

Spring is well underway in the Northern Hemisphere, which means warmer weather, longer days and increased animal activity. Birds are nesting, insects are on the wing, and wildflowers are pushing their heads towards the sun. It’s also a busy time of year for Nature Picture Library photographers. The last couple of months have seen a…

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May 2021 Image Source highlights

As restrictions start to ease in some parts of the world, we are beginning to see lots of new submissions coming through, showcasing relevant and trending content depicting lifestyle, science and industry, business and beyond. As you have come to expect, all our content is premium, diverse and is created by contributors from across the…

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April highlights from Image Quest Marine

Photo of the Month Our photo of the month shows a discarded fishing net, captured by photographer, Lou Luddington, on a recent dive. The shot belongs to a special ‘Seaspiracy’ photo collection we recently launched, with images related to the new Netflix film. The trending documentary is generating lots of debate on the fishing industry’s…

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Mary Evans collection of the week: Manuel Cohen

Manuel Cohen is an editorial and advertising photographer specialising in World Heritage Sites, architecture, archaeology, sculpture, and paintings at culturally and historically important sites around the world. The images he captures through the lens are masterpieces of light and composition, giving new interest to sometimes familiar places through the use of unusual angles or nimble…

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Chicago History Museum joins TopFoto

Boys boxing in front of Chicago Hebrew Institute gymnasium and natatorium, at Taylor Street and Lytle Street, with a crowd gathered around them and several boys sitting on the Chicago Hebrew Institute sign, Chicago, Illinois, circa 1915.

TopFoto is delighted to announce representation of the Chicago History Museum images, effective immediately. Chicago’s history is world history, all the themes writ large in the crucible of one of the world’s great cities. Skyscrapers were invented in Chicago; Al Capone operated out of Chicago; and of course there is the Trial of the Chicago…

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