LSP 2 Day Picture Research Course November dates


The next London School of Publishing (LSP) 2 Day Picture Research Course starts on Thursday November 21, 2019. The course is recognised as being the UK’s leading training course in this subject.

Course Content

Day 1

Course and industry overview

  • Introduction to the Picture Research industry and career progression
  • Working in Picture Research
  • Print: magazines, newspapers, books,
  • Digital: websites, apps, social media, video etc.

Responding to Briefs and Reading Pictures

  • Different types of briefs and how to interpret them

Image sourcing 1

  • Picture libraries, museums, galleries and archives
  • Picture research online – new developments
  • Resolution and watermarks transmission methods

Image Sources 2: Photographers and Illustrators

  • Viewing portfolios and commissioning
  • Managing photo shoots
  • Legal: photographers’ rights, model release, contracts

Day 2

Picture Editing and Selection

  • The language of pictures
  • Picture editing and selection

Project management 1: Deadlines and Budgets

  • Budgeting a project and negotiating fees
  • Managing the workload

Project Management 2: Captions and Credits

  • Identifying and acknowledging images
  • Legal: Royalty Free, Rights Managed, DACS, Copyright and Artists’ Estates
  • Rights clearance
  • Maintaining records and databases

Non Print Picture Research

  • Imagery for web sites and apps
  • The future of Picture Research

Career Progression

  • Career progression
  • The evolving role of the picture researcher / editor
  • The Future of picture research

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