Mary Evans collection of the week: ClassicStock

Three Serious Businessmen Men Wearing Business Suits Looking at Camera Each Carrying a Blank Protest Sign Message Placard.     Date: 1970s

Vintage photography resource ClassicStock, is in many ways as American as apple pie, but nevertheless transcends any transatlantic bias with a wide and varied collection that reflects any adjective you care to throw at it.

Spanning the decades from the 1930s to the 1980s, ClassicStock offers humour in spades, with a side order of cheese, but is also an excellent resource for high quality, atmospheric photographs.

Its more wacky content makes it perfect for greeting cards or pithy e-marketing campaigns, but equally, we’ve supplied landscapes or retro people shots that have found their way onto some stunning book covers. It’s a collection that focuses less on historic events and more on vintage flavour, offering bouncing babies, cute kids, gossiping grannies, teen romances,1970s office politics and everything else in between.

As with many of our larger contributor collections, it’s almost too wide-ranging to sum up in a couple of paragraphs, but if we were to give you ClassicStock in a nutshell, we’d suggest it is a retrotastic roll call of images you never knew you needed, guaranteed to put you in a mid-century mood.

The ClassicStock collection is regularly updated: click here to see an edited set that includes a number taken from the most recent upload.

Mary Evans Picture Library newsletter – 7 August, 2020
Picture credit: ©Mary Evans / Classic Stock/H. Armstrong Roberts