Cultura Creative introduce Unu Lucky Mamu

Nigeria, Delta state, Rear view of woman in patterned dress walking in field

Unu Lucky Mamu is a self-taught photographer located in Delta State, Nigeria, currently a student in Electrical Engineering, with an interest and talent in art and photography. “I started taking pictures with my mobile phone. I’ve always loved pretty scenes like sunsets, flowers, clouds and rivers so I decided to capture those moments to immortalize…

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Cultura Creative: representing diversity in illustration

We are proud to represent the work of illustrator, Yasmine Kadhim. Here she talks through her most recent body of work, a unique and powerful collection of illustrations representing women in all their forms and depicting matters that are important in life, yet often left hidden from the public gaze and still considered a taboo subject in modern society.…

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Mary Evans collection of the week: Michael Buhler

'Kelly Cahill' (pseudonym) is abducted while driving home with her husband, seemingly confirmed by other witnesses. Date: 8th August 1993

Our co-founder Hilary Evans was a renowned expert in the field of paranormal, and, as a member of the British UFO Research Association and co-founder of the Association for Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena, took a balanced and scholarly approach to the concept of alien abductions, preferring to focus on the psychological aspects of those…

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Latest Eyecatchers from Nature Picture Library

Are you looking for inspiring images that tell a story? Then take a look at our new Eyecatchers collection of amazing, unusual photographs from the natural world. Read the full story behind the pictures in our Eyecatchers PDF, or browse the image selection in the Eyecatchers gallery. Nature Picture Library newsletter – 19 August, 2021. Green sea…

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Signs and Symbols from Werner Forman Archive


Werner Forman Archive press release – 12 August, 2021 The unique and unusual caught Werner Forman’s eye in his extensive travels and he photographed many symbols and cultural artefacts from the world’s great civilisations. Here is a selection of a few: Top: Ashanti comb. These were usually given as gifts from admirers or presented at…

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Mary Evans collections crossover: Titanic

It’s almost a decade since the centenary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic, and as we look ahead next year to the 110th anniversary of that fateful night on 15th April 1912, interest remains high in this, one of the twentieth century’s most tragic and unforgettable maritime disasters. We’re one of the best resources…

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Mary Evans collection of the week: Thaliastock

There is so much richness and variation in The Thaliastock Collection that it can be hard to pin down. Archaeology, fine art, and world heritage sites sit alongside historical illustrations, manuscripts and frescoes. This 30-year old image archive, based in Spain, describes its collection as images of history, art, literature, and music, as well as…

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Nature Picture Library Colour Vision showreel

Our latest showreel Colour Vision explores the vibrant range of colours to be found in the natural world, from burning red lava and vivid yellow flowers to lush green rainforests and the dark blue of the deepest seas. Be inspired. Add colour to your own vision. Explore all the individual clips in our new Colour Vision gallery. Nature…

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Mary Evans collection of the week: Maurice Collins

Handbag Mending Kit

It’s three years since we last reminded you of the Maurice Collins Collection, one of our favourites, so we thought we’d give him another run out. It was 2016 when our reputation as purveyors of the quirky and unusual was given a boost with the arrival of this unique collection. A cornucopia of gadgetry and…

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July highlights from Nature Picture Library

Northern spadefoot (Notaden melanoscaphus) adult male with vocal sac inflated, calling, Howard River sand flats, Northern Territory, Australia, January.

This month there is a strong antipodean flavour to our latest highlights. New contributor Etienne Littlefair has great coverage on Australian wildlife, Doug Gimesy has photographed the critically endangered regent honeybird, and Tui De Roy has sent us fascinating coverage on New Zealand’s iconic kiwis. We also have lots of new material from the tropics…

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