My4Corners: Corrado Piccoli & Gabriele Croppi


4Corners contributor Corrado Piccoli was an architect before he was a photographer, so we shouldn’t be too surprised if  one of his favourite images features a modern development like the Neuer Zollhof complex in Düsseldorf’s revitalized Harbour district.

It’s his architectural grounding that makes Piccoli fascinated by people in their urban environment and their relationship with the buildings around them.

What draws him most strongly to the photography by Gabriele Croppi is Croppi’s way of dealing with shadows and light.

“The impenetrable shadows give me the feeling of something unknown, a kind of mystery” says Corrado: “the shadowed parts of the pics emphasize or dramatize the parts that are lit and vice-versa.

I love the way he composes his picture and the precise control of perspective; the presence of people in silhouette who are almost always in motion; they complete the composition, giving us direction through the 4Corners and a deeper understanding of the individual’s scale in the city.”

Gabriele Croppi’s reputation as a master of chiaroscuro is evidenced in his works entitled “Metaphysics of the Urban Landscape” and featured in the book ‘New York‘ published by Sime Books.

Come and see 4Corners Images by Gabriele Croppi and by Corrado Piccoli.

4Corners Images newsletter – 16 June, 2020.
Picture credit: Light & Shade: Neuer Zollhoff, Düsseldorf designed by Frank Gehry SIM-423478 ©Gabriele Croppi / 4Corners Images