Nature Picture Library’s Ranger Rick Photographer of the Year 2021

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Doug Gimesy – Ranger Rick Photographer of the Year 2021

Australian wildlife and conservation photojournalist Doug Gimesy has been recognised as the National Wildlife Federation Ranger Rick Photographer of the Year 2021.

Doug has documented many important conservation and environmental stories, focusing on subjects close to home and working with researchers, conservation groups, animal rescuers and rehabilitation volunteers to bring key issues to the attention of the wider world.

You can read all about Doug’s photography and explore the diverse portfolio of his photo stories available from Nature Picture Library in our new blog post.

Doug believes strongly in the importance of images as drivers of change. He hopes that the images he takes and the stories he tells will inspire people to stop, think, and treat the world a little more kindly.

Congratulations Doug on your richly deserved award!

Best wishes from Nature Picture Library

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