New look 4Corners 

screenshot of picture library website
4Corners Images press release, 24 October, 2016.

4Corners Images announces the launch of its beautiful new website.

Carlo Irek of 4Corners told BAPLA “the new site has been in development for months, and we couldn’t delay launch any longer! It’s an all-new look and feel for 4Corners, with clearer emphasis on our new shoots, special collections and reportages, and so far feedback from our secret beta testers has been all positive.”

Now the site is live, 4Corners welcomes comments from clients old and new.

The launch coincides with publication of the book Photographing New York, a beautiful celebration of New York City seen through the lenses of 4Corners’ photographers and, as a gentle incentive to check out the new site, 4Corners has copies to give away. More details are here.

screenshot of picture library website