Trevillion shines at the CEPIC Awards

Daniil Kontorovich - Trevillion Images
Trevillion Images press release.

We are thrilled to announce that for the second year running Trevillion Images have won the CEPIC Stock Photography Awards!

This year two Trevillion photographers stole the show, with Daniil Kontorovich taking first prize, and Oleg Oprisco taking second.

Daniil captivated the audience with his haunting portrait of a red-haired model gazing intently at the camera. Whilst Oleg turned heads with his surreal and playful image of a woman sewing fabric in a field.

It is a great honour to be associated with CEPIC, which aims to support traditional stock photography and defend the rights of photographers throughout Europe.

To see the winning images and all the other fantastic entries just visit the CEPIC Photography Awards website.

And make sure to check out the winning photographer’s collections on the Trevillion website, Daniil Kontorovich and Oleg Oprisco have hundreds of stunning images that cannot be missed!


Daniil Kontorovich - Trevillion Images ©Daniil Kontorovich/Trevillion Images
Oleg Oprisco - Trevillion Images ©Oleg Oprisco/Trevillion Images