Autumn Highlights from Nature Picture Library


Over the past month, we have strengthened our coverage on many subjects. You’ll find the pick of these images in our new September 2022 highlights gallery.

Gil Wizen sent great images of invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians, Ingo Arndt added European bird portraits, Alex Mustard and Sergio Hanquet reveal the colours and behaviour of marine life, Tui De Roy documents marine turtles nesting, Roland Seitre adds weird rodents and rare antelopes, and Joel Sartore’s Photo Ark project improves our coverage on wild cats.

Look out too for new images from SCOTLAND: The Big Picture and logging in the rainforest of equatorial Africa.  You can also see images and read about the 2022 heatwave in our latest Heatwave 2022 blog post.

Here’s hoping that our latest images provide some inspiration for future projects.

Best wishes from the Nature Picture Library team

Photo © Ingo Arndt /