Imperial War Museums News: John Singer Sargent

iwm_2023_003_0111_gassed_phil_young © IWM Art.IWM ART 1460

First images of John Singer Sargent’s newly conserved Gassed

Imperial War Museums are pleased to be able to share images of John Singer Sargent’s newly conserved First World War painting, Gassed for the first time with yellowed varnish layers removed.

Commissioned by the government’s British War Memorials Committee (BWMC), the monumental painting depicts the aftermath of a mustard gas attack on the Western Front in August 1918.

Gassed will go on display in the Blavatnik Art, Film and Photography Galleries, opening at IWM London on 10 November.

Contact to license the digital asset.

Image credit: John Singer Sargent’s Gassed, Phil Young© IWM Art.IWM ART 1460