Werner Forman Archive: Masks Throughout History

A Tankagle spirit dance mask from Liberia; Samurai armour; and Tutankhamun: Photos: Werner Forman Archive

Masks have played a part in human society from its very beginnings to today. During his long photographic career, Werner Forman photographed masks from all around the world, and many different eras.

The picture above shows three different masks:

  • Tankagle spirit dance mask from Liberia
  • Samurai armour
  • Tutankhamun

The Werner Forman Archive collection contains a huge amount of rare and unique material relating to ancient civilisations and intriguing cultures.

Werner Forman Archive will be at fotofringe Londonon on 21 March 2019 from 09:30 in the Battlebridge Room.

Picture credit: ©Werner Forman Archive