Mary Evans Picture Library lockdown homepage spruce up

mary evans picture library homepage

We hear the current lockdown is generating a spate of spring cleaning activity around the country and we’re no exception here at the library.

If you’ve visited our website recently, you will have noticed that our home page has had a bit of spit and polish, and has come up looking sparklingly refreshed.

The aim of this revamp is to create a home page with a more modern look that keeps pace with the ever-expanding range of content available at Mary Evans. We want to make it easier for you to navigate the collection while retaining the familiar Mary Evans look and feel. We hope you like what we’ve done.

Key features include:

– Our new artist index offering a growing alphabetical guide to both well-known and less familiar artists, illustrators and photographers

– An anniversaries page pinpointing key historical dates. The anniversaries listing now goes up to 2023 – perfect if you like to plan ahead

– A changing selection of images and themes to remind you that Mary Evans can offer a panoply of the past from historical events to film and cinema

Remember to register or log in so you can view our extensive film collections from Ronald Grant, Everett, Allstar and Studio Canal. Do get in touch if you need a reminder of your log in or need assistance with registering.

Mary Evans Picture Library newsletter – 22 April, 2020.