At 7am today, a ship, the Empire Windrush, berthed at Tilbury with 417 "sons of the Empire" on board. After returning to their home land after the war, these Jamaicans found many unemployed in their island, and they hope to find the answer to their problems in England. Although there will be countless difficulties, it is understood that every effort is being made to find accommodation for them, and to find them work. It is leant already that 52 are volunteering for the Forces, and 204 are going to friends in this country. Pictured: Mr and Mrs Zayne, seen on their arrival at Tilbury on board Empire Windrush with little Fay, aged three, and David, aged two years. Mrs Zayne's maiden name was Blaine, and she lived at Blackpool before leaving for Jamaica with her husband about 18 months ago. 22 June 1948