Native Americans: a vibrant culture from Werner Forman Archive

Thunderbird headdress identified by its down-turned beak and feathered horns. The thunderbird appears in the sacred ""Tsayeka"" or red cedarbark dance series. It was thought to cause thunder when it flapped its wings and lightning when it flashed its eyes. Country of Origin: Northwest Coast of America Culture: Kwakiutl. Date/Period: collected 1920 at Alert bay. Material Size: wood. Credit Line: Werner Forman Archive/ Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Location: 29.

Werner Forman Archive press release – 18 December, 2017. The native Americans were a diverse and fascinating culture on the North American continent. After European settlers came, they suffered a long decline, including death and ethnic cleansing, till they were herded into reservations in the late 19th Century.  Despite these events, their heritage, culture and…

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New name for News UK department

STEPPING UP Meet the Licensing team. Back (from left): Arlene Brown, Popi Konstantinou, Hasnae Kerach and Allison Summers. Front: Lily Cox, Marc Cutler, Rose Grabowski and Robin Ashton. Picture: ARTHUR EDWARDS

News UK press release – 15 December, 2017. WHAT’S in a name? Well, quite a lot according to a News UK department. News Syndication has now become News Licensing to more accurately reflect what they do. Robin Ashton, who heads up The News Building-based team at London Bridge, said: “We wanted clients and, perhaps more…

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Ardea Picture Library's Crazy Christmas Cats

Christmas Pudding Cat - Exotic short-haired tortoiseshell

Ardea Picture Library are always being asked to come up with something a little bit different for Christmas. It’s easy enough to put a Santa Hat on a kitty, but their designers wanted to take things a little bit further as you can see. To see more of these and a whole host of festive…

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British Pathé re-releases classic documentary series Time to Remember in HD

British Pathe logo

British Pathé press release – 7 December, 2017. Following repeated requests from the general public, British Pathé has released its landmark 1950s series Time to Remember. Discovered some years ago in the British Pathé vaults, this series was re-edited by the BBC into a highly-acclaimed abridged version which was screened many times. However, repeated requests…

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