Nature Picture Library photographers get creative in lockdown – part 1

nature photography in lockdown

How have photographers been affected by the Covid-19 lockdown? We asked our contributors to tell us their lockdown stories and to show us the photos they have managed to shoot in these difficult circumstances. We’ve been surprised at what they have managed to achieve – and how many fascinating subjects they found close to home!…

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Getty Images ‘Creatives in Quarantine’ Awards

Getty Images press release – 11 May, 2020. Getty Images to award $20,000 in grants to support and encourage the broader creative community to tap into their talents and create while in quarantine. Getty Images, a world leader in visual communications celebrating its 25th year, has announced the launch of its latest Creative Bursary, designed…

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My 4Corners: Italian Hats

There’s a common misconception that travel photos are just there, waiting to be captured time and again when the best travel photography is actually the product of research, creative forethought and timing, as we can see in this lovely moment from an Apulian summer. At the heel of Italy’s elegant boot, Alberobello in Apulia is…

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Shutterstock introduces Asset Assurance™ a safeguard for brands using editorial imagery in campaigns

Shutterstock press release – 18 May, 2020. Shutterstock provides protection for businesses licensing editorial images and video to amplify their brand message amid the pandemic Shutterstock, Inc., a leading global technology company offering a creative platform for high-quality content, tools and services, introduces Asset Assurance™, a new product that offers brands and businesses guaranteed protection…

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Werner Forman Archive looks at early science

Werner Forman Archive press release – 18 June, 2020. Many different cultures made advances in science over the ages. From ancient Egypt and the Mediterranean world to the breakthroughs of China: silk, paper money, gunpowder, there are many fascinating images in the Werner Forman collection which will benefit educational or history books, television programmes and…

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Spring 2020 showreel from Nature Picture Library

Black chinned hummingbird (Archilochus alexandri) feeding, Castle Valley, Utah, USA ©Fred Olivier /

Our video shooters have been busy and we’ve added some great new clips to our site recently. Take a look at our new Spring 2020 Showreel, featuring material by Fred Olivier, Richard Sidey, Derek Galan and Dave Bevan. You’ll find birds in action, icebergs and polar bears, whales from all angles, and some amazing drone…

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Mary Evans Picture Library collection of the week: Alinari

Posing for the cover photo of a woman's magazine Date: 1950-1960 ca.

At the age of 56, we consider ourselves among the elders of the picture library business, but we’ve got nothing on Alinari, which was established in Italy way back in 1852. Leopoldo Alinari set up his photographic studio when photography was still in its infancy, and two years later was joined by brothers Giuseppe and…

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Shutterstock supports UK SME’s through Sky Media’s Support Scheme

Sky Media press release – 5 May, 2020. The fund will be open to eligible businesses across the UK to help SMEssurvive and thrive in difficult times Sky Media, the advertising sales arm of Sky, today launches its AdSmart SME support scheme, the SME100. The £1 million fund will provide 100 businesses with TV advertising…

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My4Corners: the Station Master

The Station Master, Sri Lanka

In the first of a series, 4Corners photographers share their thoughts about a favourite photo: Justin Cliffe: “What a great image of this Station Master who’s clearly happy to have his photograph taken. Particularly like the fact that he’s right in the middle of both the image and his office which gives an excellent sense…

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New at TopFoto: Graham Keen 1960s

TopFoto has secured exclusive rights to organise and represent this small but fascinating collection, much of which has never been seen.  Graham Keen was a candid chronicler of the 1960s London scene centred on Soho’s Better Books and the Indica Gallery, crossing over with the Marquee Club and hidden venues where unknown mega-stars of the…

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