Werner Forman Archive: Masks Throughout History

A Tankagle spirit dance mask from Liberia; Samurai armour; and Tutankhamun: Photos: Werner Forman Archive

Masks have played a part in human society from its very beginnings to today. During his long photographic career, Werner Forman photographed masks from all around the world, and many different eras. The picture above shows three different masks: Tankagle spirit dance mask from Liberia Samurai armour Tutankhamun The Werner Forman Archive collection contains a…

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Shutterstock launches workflow extension for Final Cut Pro X to enable seamless access to video, image and music collections

Shutterstock Launches Workflow Extension for Final Cut Pro X to Enable Seamless Access to Video, Image, and Music Collections

Shutterstock press release – 15 November, 2018 Free curated collections are available for all users to download and millions more assets can be licensed by using the new Shutterstock extension for Final Cut Pro X Shutterstock, Inc. (NYSE: SSTK), a leading global technology company offering high-quality assets, tools and services through its creative platform, today…

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