Mary Evans collection of the week: Shirley Baker

© Estate of Shirley Baker / Mary Evans Picture Library

Shirley Baker (1932-2014), born in Salford and brought up in Manchester, was one of Northern England’s most renowned and celebrated photographers, best-known for her pictures documenting the communities in her home city on the cusp of seismic social change. After studying Pure Photography at Manchester College of Technology, she began to work in a documentary…

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Mary Evans Picture Library showcase the work of Andrew Besley

collage of images by andrew besley

Mary Evans Picture Library have represented the professional photographer Andrew Besley since the acquisition of Barnaby’s Picture Library in 2001, an agency to which Andrew was for many years a major contributor. Andrew built up an international reputation over four decades, producing stock library photographs, supplying photography to the national press and in so doing…

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Nature Picture Library: first 8 months of France's baby panda

Baby Panda Yuan Meng © Eric Baccega /

Yuan Meng – a dream come true! Nature Picture Library photographer Eric Baccega has been granted exclusive access to France’s first baby panda at Beauval Zoo. This new panda gallery documents the first 8 months in the life of Yuan Meng, who was christened in December 2017 by French First Lady Brigitte Macron. His Chinese name means “dream…

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akg-images prize draw at Fotofringe 2018

akg-images illustrate the history of world culture through an iconographic collection which spans archaeology and history through to performing arts, fine arts and photography. We look forward to seeing new and familiar faces at Fotofringe 2018. Come talk to us at table H2/1 for a chance to win a canvas print. Choose from over 3…

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4Corners Images: new shots of Southern England

Sonehenge Sunrise, FCR-497088 by Maurizio Rellini

Late last summer 4Corners’ photographer Maurizio Rellini  made a flying visit to the UK, shooting sunrise at Stonehenge, along Dorset’s Jurassic Coast, Bath, Brighton and more. You can see all Maurizio’s lovely images of the UK here and a selection of the latest work is in this gallery. Sonehenge Sunrise, FCR-497088 © Maurizio Rellini /…

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Mary Evans Collection: International Womens' Day 2018

Inernational Women's day

As we celebrate Women’s History Month in the UK, and International Women’s Day worldwide tomorrow, we wanted to share a selection of talented, fearless and ground-breaking women from the past and present. Our selection offers just 150 names to conjure with, but we have thousands more portraits of well-known women, as well as superb material…

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Mary Evans Collection of the week: Madame Yevonde


Yevonde Cumbers Middleton, who styled herself Madame Yevonde, was one of the leading portrait photographers of the 20th century. Born in 1893 to a well-to-do family, she began her apprenticeship with the photographer, Lallie Charles, and soon set up her own studio in London’s Victoria Street in 1914, at the prodigious age of 21. Young,…

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Ardea Picture Library's Crazy Christmas Cats

Christmas Pudding Cat - Exotic short-haired tortoiseshell

Ardea Picture Library are always being asked to come up with something a little bit different for Christmas. It’s easy enough to put a Santa Hat on a kitty, but their designers wanted to take things a little bit further as you can see. To see more of these and a whole host of festive…

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Mary Evans Picture Library collection: Sefton Samuels

Bingo, Rawtenstall, Lancashire © Sefton Samuels / Mary Evans Picture Library

Sefton Samuels is one of Britain’s best photographers, with a career spanning six decades and more than 100 images held in national photographic collections, including the V&A and National Portrait Gallery. His book, Northerners: Portrait of a no-nonsense people was published in 2011, and contains photos of the people and places that Sefton, who was…

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4Corners Images collection: Dia de los Muertos

Calavera Catrina, Morelia by Jordan Banks

In Mexico, Hallowe’en or All Saints Day is celebrated as the Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos. No longer an exclusively Mexican celebration, today’s vibrant Dia de los Muertos was born when European Christianity met indigenous Mexican customs of ancestor veneration. A joyous celebration of lives past, Day of the Dead festivities are…

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