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August highlights from Nature Picture Library

Aerial view of Fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus) lunge-feeding, with throat pouch distended, southern Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California), Baja California, Mexico.

Rare drone images of fin whales and remote camera tiger coverage are just two of the gems you will find in the August highlights gallery. Other subjects to look out for are the reintroduction of white rhinos to Botswana and the urban herons of Amsterdam.  Meanwhile, SCOTLAND: The Big Picture continues to provide a steady…

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Mary Evans Collection: Pump Park Photography

Pump Park specialises in nineteenth century travel photographs from around the world, with an emphasis on prints from Asia; in particular India, Japan and China. It’s a fascinating survey of the scenery and traditions of other lands at a time when public curiosity about overseas culture was at its height, as was an appetite to…

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July highlights from Nature Picture Library

Bornean Orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) next to signs which say 'Silence please. Respect the orangutangs' and 'No Smoking' Tanjung Puting National Park, Borneo, Indonesia., Indonesia

Over the last month Nature Picture Library have added some intriguing new content to their site. In the July highlights gallery you’ll find endangered primates, wildlife from Italy’s Gran Paradiso National Park by David Pattyn, Cuban endemic species, a Japanese cat café, London’s urban foxes from Matt Maran, fascinating coverage on animal rescue and rehabilitation,…

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The story of “Woman in Gold” through akg-images’ collections

3-K72-R2-B (42134) 'Adele Bloch-Bauer I' Klimt, Gustav 1862-1918. 'Adele Bloch-Bauer I', 1907. Öl/Gold auf Leinwand, 138 x 138 cm. New York, Neue Galerie. E: 'Adele Bloch-Bauer I' Klimt, Gustav 1862-1918. 'Adele Bloch-Bauer I', 1907. Oil and gold leaf on canvas, 138 x 138cm. (c) Erich Lessing / AKG London. New York, Neue Galerie. F: 'Portrait de Adèle Bloch-Bauer I' Klimt, Gustav ; 1862-1918. 'Portrait de Adèle Bloch-Bauer I', 1907. Huile et or sur toile ; H. 1,38 ; L. 1,38. New York, Neue Galerie. ORIGINAL: Mrs. Adele Bloch-Bauer. Oil on canvas (1907) 138 x 138 cm Oesterreichische Galerie im Belvedere, Vienna, Austria

Akg-images invite you to explore the story of “Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I” through an interactive presentation below, showcasing various facets of the artwork’s creation, its reception and fate during the turbulent 20th century. “Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I”, also known as “Woman in Gold”, was painted by Gustav Klimt in Vienna, Austria, in 1907.…

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Mary Evans collection of the week: The National Archives

Union Is Strength, advertisement for Union Braces, 1888 Date: 1887

The National Archives is the UK Government’s official archive, containing over 1000 years of history in a variety of formats including documents, posters, maps, advertisements, manuscripts and more. It cares for these historical records, and makes them available through world class research facilities and expert advice. It also publishes all UK legislation and official publications,…

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Mary Evans collection of the week: Philip Dunn Photography

Two men campers prepare breakfast at the Sandy Balls campsite beside their vintage Austin A40 Devon car. A dog walker and storm clouds in the background. First published in The Sunday Times Date: 1989

Philip Dunn’s first published photograph was in the Manchester Evening News when he was just 14 years old. An apprenticeship at another local newspaper led to Philip becoming the youngest staffer on The Daily Express at the age of 22. After fifteen years, he left to freelance and was one of the first photographers to…

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Mary Evans collection of the week: Fortunino Matania

Luxurious holiday on the beach at Lido, Italy, a playground for the rich in the 1920s. Included in the image are Lady Abdy, Mrs D. Beaumont and Miss Peggy Joyce. Date: 1927

In 1904, Clement Shorter, editor of The Sphere magazine, engaged a twenty-three year-old from Naples as the magazine’s ‘special artist’ forming a fruitful, working relationship between publisher and artist that would last over forty years. Fortunino Matania (1881-1963) had been born into the world of illustrated journalism. His father Eduardo was a leading artist for…

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New Discoveries from Nature Picture Library

New Discoveries from Nature Picture Library

Nature Picture Library photographers are always looking for exciting new discoveries in the natural world. This New Discoveries gallery includes a new species of tarantula, the world’s largest bee, scuba-diving flies, tuna-herding sealions, the first professional photos of an African black panther, a strange partnership between a tiny frog and a huge spider, and new…

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4Corners Images: spring in Japan

Japan, Kanto, Tokyo, Honshu island, Two women dressing kimono looking at the mobile phone, In the back cherry blossom spring in Japan SIM-478645 by Aldo Pavan

In Japan the contemplation and appreciation of sakura, the short-lived spring blossom, is reverentially and exuberantly celebrated nationwide, typically  with a hanami picnic beneath the pale pink blooms. The Japanese poets tell us that strangers become friends when they’re lost together in these lovely fleeting moments of nature. Come and see 4Corners Sakura gallery here.…

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Introducing Figurestock

The addition of a good figure can create drama, mystery, movement and excitement, or bring characters from a book to life. Figurestock was created by a book cover designer and photographer to help find your perfect hero, heroine, villain or victim. Figurestock is a brand new, out-of-the-box collection of original and exclusive commercial images designed…

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